Maryika Welter - Creative Visual Artist

Maryika is an award winning Queensland based artist who was born and raised in country Victoria. At present she tutors and paints mainly with mixed media and has an intrest in colour, design and printmaking. She has studied Visual Arts in Adelaide, South Australia and then later in Toowoomba, Queensland. Her work was accepted and exhibitied at Queensland Museum, during the 8th Festival of Polish Visual and Performing Arts in 2000 and 2001. Exhibiting overseas and mainly Queensland, her works are also represented extensively in many Australian private and public collections.

For much of my work I use mixed media and experimentation, trusting instinctively the creative process to produce abstract and representational works on canvas and paper. At a deeper level, my work is also a response, that involves aspects of emotion, conscious and subconscious thought and activity for the clarity of conclusion or concept. For me, Nature, landscape and the human condition are my main source of inspiration.